Our Products & Services

Teraflex has successfully completed many residential, commercial, industrial and government projects throughout its history. We can deal with projects of all sizes – from a minor service call for lighting replacement, to full construction of civil and electrical infrastructure. What sets us apart from our competitors are our experience, our people, our customer-service processes, and our ability to offer multiple civil and electrical construction and maintenance services for the same customer, with fully trained and certified staff. We have specialty equipment and training, including asbestos removal and abatement, as well as trenchless duct installation with directional drilling. We are a member of the pre-approved contractor program with the Electrical Safety Inspection (ESA), and the Electrical & Utilities Safety Association (EUSA). 

Our services include:

  • High and low-voltage power distribution
  • Overhead and underground electrical and communications cabling and services
  • Overhead pole lines
  • Communications system utility infrastructure
  • Horizontal boring and directional drilling
  • Electrical substation maintenance
  • Underground and at-grad civil infrastructure (conduits, ducts, manholes, equipment bases)
  • Switchgear and transformer installation
  • Street, park, and parking lot lighting
  • Demolition work, including asbestos abatement